Rozenn RAVALLEC is a teacher at the Université de Lille, and leads a team in the UMRt INRAE BioEcoAgro. She has nearly 20 years' experience in the valorization of agri-food coproducts. Her research focuses particularly on the biological activity of peptides generated during gastrointestinal digestion and on their interactions with biological barriers. Part of her expertise consists in developping dosing techniques but also methodologies to help understand the mechanisms of action of biomolecules, especially antistress (opioid), antihypertensive (preventing ACE), involved in the regulation of energy metabolism (obesity, diabetes) or even anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial biomolecules while measuring their cytotoxic impacts. Dr RAVALLEC is involved in the  European BBI BIOSMART project on the design of bio-based smart packaging for a better preservation of food quality, co-director of an industrial chair with the company Ingredia (ProteinoPeps) and co-director of the International Associated Laboratory on the production of Natural Antimicrobials (LIAAN) with INAF in Quebec.