Pr. Naïma NEDJAR obtained a master and a Ph.D. degrees in enzymatic engineering at Compiègne. She was a Maître des conférences and is now professor at the IUT « A » of Lille.

Pr. Naïma NEDJAR, professor (Université de Lille, Institut Charles Viollette, France) is recognized for her work relating to enzymatic engineering to obtain biopeptides and their characterization, purification, valorization and uses in the food, medical and veterinary sectors as antimicrobial compounds or natural antioxidants. Her most fondamental work concern the implementation of new selective and controlled separation methods of active peptides from peptidic hydrolysates of agri-food proteins and coproducts of animal origin (blood from slaugtherhouses or fishing) or plant origin (brown juice from alfalfa). She aims to design, optimize and develop ecoresponsible substainable  and easily scalable to a pilot scale methods from coproducts. Pr. NEDJAR published more than 100 scientific articles in international journals and presented more than 100 communications and conferences. She also holds 6 patents on her research work.