Professor Karboune is the Associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill University. Her main research expertise is in the design and development of new "green" approaches to the synthesis of novel functional food ingredients of great interest that can improve the quality and the functionality of food products. Her multidisciplinary research program bridges the gap between food chemistry and enzyme technology and provides access to new well-defined food ingredients that cannot be obtained by conventional methods. She has also expertise on the development of integrated approaches to new food product development and for extending the shelf-life of food products. Her multidisciplinary research program has garnered national and international recognition, and has been published in more than 1200 peer-reviewed journal articles and presented at world-wide known conferences. She currently leads the Consortium for Research, Innovation and Transformation of Agrifood (RITA) at McGill University that aims at promoting innovation in the Agri-food sector and deploying effective solutions to produce safe and nutritious food from flourishing managed and natural food systems. Professor Karboune is passionate about science and active learning, and she places a high value on creation through innovation and dissemination through translation of the knowledge into real practices.