Dr Ismail Fliss is a professor and the head of the Food sciences Department at Université Laval. He holds an industrial research chair on the metabolic activities and functionality of bioprotective lactic cultures (METABIOLAC, 2.8 M$). He co-leads an international project funded by the International Development Research Centre and the UK Department of Health and Social Care on the use of bacteriocins as alternatives to antibiotics in poultry production (1.8 M$). He is also Scientific director of the International Associated Laboratory on the production of Natural Antimicrobials (LIAAN).

Dr Fliss is a veterinarian recognized worldwide for his research work on the identification, purification and use of natural compounds, including bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria,  in the food, medical and veterinary fields. Dr. Fliss is co-author of 187 scientific articles and holds 5 Canadian and international patents.